Nancy grew up travelling and living in various parts of the world. This gave her the curiosity and ability in building relationships with different types of people.  Always a ‘hands on’ person, she worked since she was 16, while obtaining her degree in Business at the Universidad de Lima in Peru. Working with a partner selling accessories for home decor and then started  a family business in the home furnishings industry, producing in South America and selling in the US market.

She then moved to San Francisco, California and decided to gain experience in other business fields. She worked in BDA, an International consulting firm based in the US and operated in Mexico. She managed the whole operation, all the work done internally and externally was on communication and customer satisfaction.

In 1997 Nancy moved back to Peru to work for a headhunter as the marketing and sales director working closely with big companies and coaching many top executives.  She then returned to the home furnishings world as a regional sales manager in California. South Cone was one of the pioneers in the US market to obtain the then prestigious FSC certification.

NLP Master Practitioner and Coach, Nancy has a vast experience in sales and organizational development in the training world, having worked for leading companies in Italy and the US. She is now complementing her work of coaching with a counseling course, to complete a more 360 degrees knowledge on people and their pulling forces.

Together with her husband Claudio, she runs Extraordinary Srl., a training and coaching company in Northern Italy.

Mom of two girls, Martina and Carolina, Nancy lives by the moto why-not-have-it-all! Constantly searching, as most women in her generation, to find the healthy balance between personal, family and work life.

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  1. Hi Nancy, here’s Massimo and Irene!
    how nice it was to read some of your writings together tonight.
    we normally go to bed, read something and sleep, but tonight we went to the theatre (yes, we made it!) and had to send an email to some friends, therefore we used my laptop and Irene suggested me to check your blog together…it was so nice & fun to read “il mio primo wedding” and we thought about sending you this short message…by the way, why in the world am I writing in English to you?!?? it’s funny, I just realize it…well, congratulations we like your blog very much and we will try to read it again soon.
    menawhile thanks & have a nice weekend!
    Massimo e Irene 🙂

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